Your Independent Cloud Provider.

Blockchain. Cloud. Consulting. Development. Distributed Computing. Hosting.


CuvéeBits is an independent, privately-owned Cloud provider located in Europe – the Czech Republic and Romania.

Our services include Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Kubernetes as a Service, Code as a Service (CI/CD Automation).

All of our cloud services are provided exclusively from our own datacenters.


CuvéeBits provide Consulting and Business Architecture services for your projects.

Our team of experienced Consultants and Architects will add value to your projects from the first sprint they will be engaged. We value straight talk, we identify risks and gaps in your project and unlike most Consultants and Architects in the marketplace, we will propose next steps, and execute solutions to your problems.


CuvéeBits learned by experience that many projects we worked on together with our customers require scalable and reliable hosting.

Be it simple web portal, complex WEB2.0 or WEB3.0 applications, blockchain projects, or something as simple as containers or virtual machines, we have everything in our datacenters in all shapes and sized for your needs.

What makes us special? We are experts in single-board computer hosting (SoC Hardware Private Server)