Month: April 2019

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Cuvée TurtleCoin Node

How do I run a TurtleCoin node on PI?

In the Reflecting Back: Getting that slow-hash to work on aarch64 we have shared our journey to get TurtleCoin to work on SBCs, such as Raspberry PI, Orange PI or Rock64 boards. Today, you can read how to set up your own at home. First, you need a suitable single-board ARM computer. Yes, you can…
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TurtleCoin Monero Slow Hash memory debug FORCE USE HEAP

Reflecting back: getting that slow-hash to work aarch64

When we started experimenting with the ARM-based SBCs, such as Pine/Rok64, OrangePI, BananaPI, Odroid boxes and many other boards, we had an ultimate dream. How good it would be to run a TurtleCoin node on a small, energy-efficient harware. How cool it would be to expand this to literally any other cryptonight-based coin? The inspiration…
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Raspberry 3b plus

What about minig on Raspberry 3B(+)?

This post is a short follow up to our previous article on mining cryptonight-turtle algo coins with SBCs (OrangePI One Plus). The good news is yes, if you have got a Raspberry 3B(+), you can mine TurtleCoin (or other coins based on the cryptonight-turtle algo, as well as other cryptonight variants) on your Raspberry 3B…
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26/04/2019 0

How Can I Mine On My Orange pi?

We have heard this question quite frequently on TurtleCoin Discord chat. This is our initial guide to give you a head start on sustainable, best performing SBC mining, focused on OrangePI One Plus board. This board is at the time of writing this post most likely the most efficient hardware to mine on. Overview and…
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22/04/2019 0

The Future of Computing Is Distributed

Well back in 2015, we started experimenting with Single Board Computers based on the ARM architecture. We were evaluating multiple use case scenarios: TV iPlayers, Video streaming, Distributed Storage clusters, IoT Sensors applications, managing production lines and many more. It wasn’t until about end of 2017 when an idea of exploring the possibilities of those…
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19/04/2019 0

OrangePI One Plus: The First Look

Reposting one of our earlier posts written in February 2018 when OrangePI One Plus board from Shenzen Xunlong was hot new off the prodution line. Expanding on our experience with single-board computers that we can use for our embedded solutions, we have ordered the new OrangePI One Plus from Steven Zhao’s Shenzhen Xunlong Software CO.,Limited company.…
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