Month: May 2019

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Mine2Gether Android Miner

Native Mining App for Cryptonight-Turtle on Android

This post was originally published on DeroGold Medium. It caught our attention, as the announcement is crypto related, concerns ARM devices (most of mobile devices run a flavour of ARM chip) and it pushes the boundaries! Mine2Gether came up with an Android miner for cryptonight-turtle algo, which allows you to mine number of coins, such…
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26/05/2019 0
CuvéeTRTL cluster

Let’s get serious. Run TurtleCoin Pool on OrangePI

Over the past months, we did set up miners and nodes on ARM-based SBCs, namely on OragnePIs and Rock64s. All these piecese were leading to one thing – it was time to get shit done. Beginning of March, we decided to take the plastic-card size OrangePI One Plus on a trip no one ever took…
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24/05/2019 0