Month: July 2019

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Oops We Did It Again: DeroGold Mining Pool on OrangePi 3

A few months ago we announced our public minining pool for TurtleCoin that runs on OrangePi One Plus. As this project was not enough, we stepped up to the challenge and recently set up a new pool for another privacy coin project in which we are involved – DeroGold. Doing a pool for DeroGold is…
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24/07/2019 0
DeroGold performance tuning

Lesson’s learned: DeroGold to cope with 65k+ transactions in the tx pool

There is no attack in a decentralized privacy network. It’s just either regular transactions or fusion transactions. Of course, there could be elements and individuals who would deliberately perform such activities that would cause some degree of a trouble for a young distributed, decentralized network that consists mostly from unmanaged low powerfull nodes. And that…
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15/07/2019 0