Native Mining App for Cryptonight-Turtle on Android

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Native Mining App for Cryptonight-Turtle on Android

26/05/2019 Uncategorized 0
Mine2Gether Android Miner

This post was originally published on DeroGold Medium. It caught our attention, as the announcement is crypto related, concerns ARM devices (most of mobile devices run a flavour of ARM chip) and it pushes the boundaries!

Mine2Gether came up with an Android miner for cryptonight-turtle algo, which allows you to mine number of coins, such as DeroGold, TurtleCoin or WRKZ (not a comprehensive list) on Android.

We are aware that there are many of you here running an Androind on your SBCs. If you consider mining on your SBC, now you have a native mining app. Up until now the only solution was to run miners such as xmrig in Termux on Android. This solution was far from ideal.

You can read the whole article on DeroGold Medium.

Download link for the software:


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