The Future of Computing Is Distributed

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The Future of Computing Is Distributed

19/04/2019 Uncategorized 0

Well back in 2015, we started experimenting with Single Board Computers based on the ARM architecture. We were evaluating multiple use case scenarios: TV iPlayers, Video streaming, Distributed Storage clusters, IoT Sensors applications, managing production lines and many more.

It wasn’t until about end of 2017 when an idea of exploring the possibilities of those boards in the Crypto World. Over the past 1.5 years, we tortured these boards as miners, TurtleCoin (and a few other coins) public and private nodes and recently even a TurtleCoin mining pool.

We have gained plenty of experience from these Proof of Concepts, many resulted in very positive and surprising results.

We took these boards in the crypto world probably as far as no-one other did until now. Here in this place, we will share with you our knowledge: what we did, what we used, what worked, what did not.

How far we take this new site remains to be seen. There are a few ideas around providing SBCs as a service (the new fancy word for hosting) for your projects, whatever these might be. We will definitely try to push SBC boards as far in the crypto use cases as we can, predominantly based on TurtleCoin, which we consider our friendly home 🙂


We believe the future of the computing is small computing units, distributed. Forget big datacenters, hyperconverged and all that nonsense.