What about minig on Raspberry 3B(+)?

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What about minig on Raspberry 3B(+)?

26/04/2019 Uncategorized 0
Raspberry 3b plus

This post is a short follow up to our previous article on mining cryptonight-turtle algo coins with SBCs (OrangePI One Plus).

The good news is yes, if you have got a Raspberry 3B(+), you can mine TurtleCoin (or other coins based on the cryptonight-turtle algo, as well as other cryptonight variants) on your Raspberry 3B (or 3B+).

Note however, that just because you can do this, it may not be the most efficient thing to do. Additionally, we are famously known for not doing anything with Raspberries. There are better boards, fully Open Sourced. We discussed this in our other post. If you still want to do it, just follow our tips here.

Firstly, you will need a full 64-bit system. Many folks contacted me on Discord quite a few times asking me why xmrig binaries from your github repo fork do not work.

It is most likely your system is not full 64-bit – it has loaded a 64bit kernel, but uses 32bit user space. How to find out that this is the problem you have? On your command prompt do

file /bin/bash

If it returns anything similar to the following, stop right here.

/bin/bash: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, ARM, EABI5 version 1 

Head over the to get a full 64bit system for your Raspberry. There are number of options, at the time of writing we knew at least about the following:

Now that you have your system sorted, you can decide to either build xmrig for your board from source, for that, just follow the xmrig readme guide on their github repo for building on your system.


Alternatively, you can download aarch64 binaries compiled for ARM architecture from my forked xmrig repo on github.

In order for the compiled binaries to work, you need to install the following packages:

  • libuv1-dev
  • libmicrohttpd-dev
  • libssl-dev

If you got this far, now you should have a working xmrig verion on your Raspberry Pi 3B(+). Happy mining.